Sunday, May 16, 2021

British Single Women Searching for Serious Relationship

---UK Women Searching Men---
".Looking for Single or Divorced Man."
Name: Jolene
Age: 35-Years
City: London
Country: England
Marital Status: Single

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  1. I'm Charles from Ghana young and energetic Man of 36 years of age and single without kids, my dear ? I valued family and believed that it is necessary to have a happy family for everyone but I really appreciate sincerity and honesty in people and cannot stand lies, therefore I promise to tell the truth about the situation that I'm going through, my happiness is lost somewhere along the way but I believed with God my best days are ahead, I'm a little sick and the sickness has made me become a deaf earring person and that my blood doe's not flow through the body as it's usually doe's, this lead me to the kind of sicknesses, to be sincerity, my woman left me for another man just because I can't afford for her needs, In fact this hurt and therefore I'm here to find that one special person with whom I feel peace and comfort till I become well again, I will be glad if you could accept me as your Faith and believed in your heart this too shall pass away, I'm ready to accept you and I promise to do my best just because I want us feel blissful with the fact that we have found each other in this world, even though I may not be rich enough to give you everything but I have a rich heart to give you the love that you always dream of where you're in harmony with my soul, I'm honesty a gentle soul and hardworking man, greatly committed to whatever thing I do, I'm someone that understand the value of a good smile and create room for improvement always ready to accept correction and to be able to relate with you in a more sound way, I'm not afraid of serious commitment and has the fear of the Lord, I believed gradually you will get to understand my entire person, serious relationship has fight, argument and hurting but at the end there should be love , dear ? I promise to put you under my arm to be protected and next the heart to be loved, the Joy of every woman is to have a child that she can call her own and my biggest dream here is to find one special woman with whom we build a strong relationship together and have a happy family till the end of time, I'm waiting to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully,
    Charles + 233244631824 or

  2. Hi greetings
    Iam from Sri Lanka if you are interested massage me
    +94 775440597

  3. Hi I'm guelor my number is +243973045256 call plz thank you

  4. Hi im chris from surrey uk
    Whatsapp. +447904959507

  5. Hi iam asif from pakistan
    Age 20
    Whatesaap num 03241663788
    I want marride you

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  7. Am Hamza Jibrin from Nigeria
    +2348132156981 am interwst marriage with any single

    Am Nima from Bhutan.The country known as last Shangri-la.

  9. Hey am new here I was thinking we can get to know more about ourselves never can tell what the feature hold for us send me your mail, here is my scoutmike10101@gmail.

  10. Hello sweet friend
    Could we contact on WhatsApp

  11. Am Bismark from Ghana
    I will be glad to have you
    This is my contact 0553470060

  12. Hi This is Bhupesh.mehta from India and single and looking for life partner. I am post graduate in Commerce and bachelor of education.
    I am a loyal person towards my relationship.
    With out writing much I am giving my mail id and what's up no +918586966281

  13. tylarthomas88@gmail.comAugust 4, 2021 at 9:12 AM

    Hey dear am Thomas am 47 from Atlanta United States am looking for an honest woman I have two daughters am serious and I promise to give her all the love in the world.

  14. My name is sardar
    I am from Pakistan
    Education b a c medical tecnation
    I am 27 already
    I want best girl for marry
    I Love him
    A my All life

  15. My WhatsApp number

  16. Hi hello im Filipino need girl friend woman American

  17. Hello I love you so much please WhatsApp me with this number+23411127926

  18. I'm interested to be honesty l live in Brighton


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